100 Years and more Hotel "Grüner Haag"  and always something NEW to tell...


Since August 2016 our new Room Categories Comfort-Single-Bed Room and Comfort-Double-Bed-Room are finish...


Since September 2015 our new Breakfast Room is open. Enjoy our nice Breakfast Buffet with fresh fruit, regional specialties and fresh made eggs.


  • we now have installed a Photovoltaik-Station at our roof. 39 Solarpanels create 9,75 kWh. We now need less power from the public power net. Thanks for the professionel Consultation from Mr. Bedra / Future Energy Gräfenhausen.
  • Interested Guests and Inhabitants of our Town are always welcome for Information Tours about Energy-Saving-Projects around your house...




  • we add a second Power Station to make our own Electricity and to head up our hot water




  • March 2010 AWARD "Umwelteule 2010" for efficient Energy Management in Business
  • April 2010 Creation of New SINGLE and DOUBLE-ROOMS
  • May till October 2010 Start of our big TOTAL RENOVATION; we add a level, Insulation of the whole house and a new Entry changed the exterior of our Stammhaus